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Train Valley 2 Game Free Download Torrent

Train Valley 2 Game Free Download Torrent

Train Valley 2 — the second part of the railway economic strategy Train Valley. Here you also have to build an effective network of railways, update the fleet of locomotives and ensure that trains run on schedule without delay, meeting the ever-growing demand of cities and industry. The game Train Valley 2 — will give colorful locations, the opportunity to personally fantasize about the route your wagons will travel. There is nothing super complicated in the game. Your task is to use a computer mouse, with the help of hints on the map, to create modern railway tracks. Recall, the more of them, the better for the development and prosperity of your business. Routes on the game map will help quickly and comfortably deliver people and cargo to their destination. Be in control of your dream business, build, develop business, establish contacts with partners, be a responsible leader and then everything will turn out.

Game Details

About This Game


Everyone at least once dreamed of creating their own business. Someone wanted to manage a building empire or run an industrial industry, but someone secretly wanted to become a great boss, commanding their own subordinates, giving out orders, decrees, assignments. Someone wanted to take a leading position in the field of mechanical engineering, and someone wanted to sit in the chair of the director of the travel company. If you also fall under the cohort of such people, then the game Train Valley 2 download torrent.

This game project is aimed at the category of railway business. Here, thanks to your abilities and skills to correctly set and perform tasks, namely — to monitor the schedule of train traffic, the accuracy of arrival to the station, the work of dispatchers, the comfortable delivery of passengers and goods to destinations, the success of your business will depend. But it’s all later, but first you will have only a small station and one train. The task of the gamer to expand its transport network, building a railway through other stations. Get additional tasks, use bonuses to develop your business.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP (SP3)+
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ @ 2.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: ATi Radeon HD 2400 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 1 GB available space


Train Valley 2 Game Free Download Torrent Train Valley 2 Game Free Download Torrent Train Valley 2 Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files.
2. Unzip the archive to the hard disk.
3. Wait for the unpacking process to finish.
5. Start the game.

Download Train Valley 2 Build 136 (upd.18.08.2019) - SKIDROW [ 200 MB ]

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Train Valley 2 v1.4 - GOG [ 258.6 MB ]

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Game Update History:
  • Train Valley 2 Build 129 → Build 136 [ 18.08.2019 ]
  • Added: Train Valley 2 → v1.4 (GOG) [ 30.07.2019 ]
  • Train Valley 2 Build 126 → Build 129 [ 14.07.2019 ]
  • Train Valley 2 Build 120 → Build 126 [ 13.06.2019 ]
  • Train Valley 2 Build 117 → Build 120 [ 03.06.2019 ]

This game has been updated 18-08-2019, 05:09 to the latest version Build 136 (upd.18.08.2019).

Comments 4

Admin 30 May 2018 04:10
Bugs fixed:
- Interface clicks was not registered on mouse move.
- Red price tag was staying after leaving bridge construction mode.
- No music bug on levels screen after finishing a level.
- Bug with scale controller on maximum scale.
- Different price (±1000) for the tracks of the same length near stations/bridges entrances.
- Bug with tracks limit star counter.
- Crash connected with track building on slopes.
- +5000 price to tracks under the suspension bridge on level 9.
- Increasing of tracks limit after existing bridge demolishing.
- Bug with wrong explosion point detection on T-type trains crash.
- Bug increasing shadows density in the main menu after settings changing.
- Bug with jumping while scrolling on settings screen.
- White screen and errors on levels screen.
- Bug with scratched bridge on level 20.

Features added:
- Reset game progress button in the settings screen.
Admin 22 October 2018 14:58
Bugs fixed:
- Issue with trains explosions under water occurred on some workshop maps.
- Lack of wire pillars in power line curves.
Admin 11 November 2018 11:31
Update #13 Bugs fixed:
- Workshop search field highlight in browser.
- Unpause on spacebar in ESC menu.
- Mission achievements with zero parameters.
- Power lines poles inside production buildings.
- Problems with bridges and tunnels deleting in some certain places.
- Problem with bridges building in some certain places.
- Problem with building a bridge clicking on the cell under it.
- Icons in level editor on top of publishing screen.
- Problem with tracks placing in some certain cases in level editor.
- Problems with keys mapping screen.
- Problems with endless sounds in the main menu.
- Problem with new tunnel exit removing the perpendicular tracks instead of forming the crossing.
- Problem with buying new locomotive while the train from the store is running on the map.
- Problem with a train coming to the Store production right before new train departure.
Admin 14 April 2019 12:28
The full version brings tons of new content:
  • 20 brand new levels (50 campaign levels in total)
  • Over 45 production buildings and raw materials
  • Up to 18 locomotives from the steam era to the future (inspired by real ones)
  • New interactive mechanics and special events such as fog, earthquakes, volcanoes, long trains and launching rockets!
  • Almost 500 user-made levels already available in Steam Workshop
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