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Salt and Sacrifice Game Free Download Torrent
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Salt and Sacrifice Game Free Download Torrent

Salt and Sacrifice is a highly anticipated action RPG developed and published by Ska Studios, continuing its legacy of challenging and immersive gaming experiences. Released in 2022, this title is a sequel to the critically acclaimed «Salt and Sanctuary,» promising an even deeper and more engaging adventure for fans of the genre. In Salt and Sacrifice, players are once again drawn into a dark and mysterious world, filled with rich lore, challenging gameplay, and a haunting atmosphere. The game’s narrative revolves around the intriguing concept of a world where individuals are marked and bound to hunt and eradicate powerful mages and magical creatures.

NOTE. Uploaded version: 04 November 2023 [v1.0.1.0c] + Update v2.0.0.0a8. This is Full Release and latest version of game. The game is already Packaged in ISO File and ready to run the game after install, read the instruction below.

Game Details

About This Game


The core of Salt and Sacrifice is its action RPG gameplay. Players take on the role of a Marked Inquisitor, embarking on perilous journeys to face formidable foes and unravel the mysteries of the world. The game features a complex skill system, character development, and an array of weaponry and magical abilities that allow players to personalize their playstyle. The gameplay is designed to challenge players with intricate level design and challenging enemies, encouraging them to hone their combat skills and make strategic decisions. Whether it’s battling grotesque monsters or exploring labyrinthine dungeons, «Salt and Sacrifice» offers a dark and compelling world to conquer.

Salt and Sacrifice captures the essence of its dark and gothic setting. The game’s graphics are intricate and atmospheric, immersing players in a world filled with eerie landscapes, menacing creatures, and a sense of foreboding. The artistry in the game’s design enhances the overall immersion, making it a visually captivating experience. The narrative of Salt and Sacrifice is rich and shrouded in mystery, offering players a complex and layered world to explore. As Marked Inquisitors, players will encounter a diverse cast of characters and be drawn into tales of betrayal, sacrifice, and redemption. The choices players make have a profound impact on the game’s outcome, ensuring a personalized and engaging narrative. With Salt and Sacrifice Ska Studios delivers an action RPG that builds upon the success of its predecessor, offering an even more immersive and challenging gaming experience.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10
Processor: 3.0 GHz Dual-Core - Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB VRAM, Intel HD 4400 / NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT / AMD Radeon HD 3850
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5 GB available space

OS: Windows 10
Processor: 3.1 GHz Dual-Core - Intel i3 2100
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB VRAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 5850
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5 GB available space


Salt and Sacrifice Game Free Download Torrent Salt and Sacrifice Game Free Download Torrent Salt and Sacrifice Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files. 
2. Mount or burn the ISO image in the disk emulator (UltraISO program). 
3. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it. 
4. Wait until the installation process is complete, a shortcut will appear on the desktop. 
5. Copy the contents of the folder «RUNE» in the folder with the game. 
6. Download and install Update v2.0.0.0a8, in game folder. [ how to update the game  ]
7. Start the game.

Download update only: Salt.and.Sacrifice.Update.v2.0.0.0a8-RUNE [ 155 MB ]

  1. Extract.
  2. Run setup.exe and install the update.
  3. Copy crack from RUNE dir to install dir.
  4. Play!

Download Salt and Sacrifice v2.0.0.0a8 (upd.09.11.2023) - RUNE [ 1.63 GB ]

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Game Update History:
  • Salt and Sacrifice v1.0.1.0c → Update v2.0.0.0a8 [ 09.11.2023 ]
  • Salt and Sacrifice → v1.0.1.0c (RUNE RELEASE) [ 04.11.2023 ]

This game has been updated 9-11-2023, 11:30 to the latest version v2.0.0.0a8 (upd.09.11.2023).

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Skigameco 4 November 2023 16:57
Torrent uploaded: 04.11.2023.
Added current and latest version of the game: v1.0.1.0c.
Latest available version.
Skigameco 9 November 2023 11:28
Update v2.0.0.0a8:
New Content
New zone - Descend into the mysterious Heart of Altarstone, an expansive new dungeon hiding the Marked Inquisition’s darkest secrets.
New NPCs.
New monsters.
New bosses.
PVE boss gauntlet.
PVP arena.
Added a variety of range, timing, and visual effects to all weapon buffs.
A new beacon type has been added to zones that allow fast traveling within a zone.
Cross-play multiplayer between all platforms.
Fixes / Improvements
Skill tree window improvements - larger window and colors.
Buy/Sell count wraps to easily go from 1 to max.
Preventing camera zooming on remote players during some sequences.
Rings and amulet items properly show if they’ve been crafted before.
Plunge attack no longer completely drains stamina with scythe weapons.
Fixed displaying some negative values in the UI.
Mundane weapons will generate rage for offhand weapons.
Tokens from fated hunts are guaranteed.
Made a particularly hard jump in the swamp a bit easier.
Dying from damage over time on a ladder is handled better.
Added a hazeburnt commoner in Nowhere for off-line bestiary unlock.
Fixed infinite “Obliterated†screen in some coop instances.
Fixed some weapon swapping causing characters to lock up.
Additional fixes.
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